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    Unlocking Team Success: Mastering the Fundamentals with Team Development Accelerator

    This webinar was held on December 6th, 2023. Access the recording below. 
    Teams Framework

    Panel Speakers



     CO-FOUNDER of Genesis and Author of The First 90 days 




     Genesis Leadership Consultant 




    Millán Alvarez-Miranda Navarro

    Genesis Leadership Consultant 


    Join us on December 6th, 2023, at 10am EST for an exclusive webinar, Unlocking Team Success: Mastering the Fundamentals with Team Development Accelerator. Explore the game-changing "Team Development Accelerator" solution by Genesis, meticulously designed to unlock the potential for team success through mastering the core fundamentals. This innovative approach integrates proven concepts, expert guidance, and real-world coaching to empower your teams, even in virtual environments. 

    Unlock the secrets to achieving high-performing teams with insights from international best-seller, Michael Watkins, co-founder of Genesis and author of "The First 90 Days." Michael will lead a dynamic discussion alongside Genesis Leadership Consultants, Jessie Dwiggins and Millán Alvarez-Miranda Navarro the architects behind this innovative framework.  


    Learn how to Integrate Intentionally, Align Powerfully, Collaborate Effectively, Operate Efficiently, and Energize your teams for success. It's an interactive experience with a live Q&A session, and if you can't attend live, a recording will be available afterward. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your team's performance - register now at no cost and be part of the team development revolution! 

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