Your Leadership Team Health Check-Up

A Do-It-Yourself Process Designed by Pat Costello and Michael Watkins 

To help support our clients in these challenging times, we created a simple way for Leadership Teams to assess and discuss how they (and their organizations) are managing through the COVID-19 crisis. This useful “assess-reflect-learn-adjust” process provides an opportunity for teams to rapidly improve responsiveness and sustain cohesiveness.

Follow these instructions to implement:

  1. Using these questions and this sample as guidelines, set your Leadership Team Survey up on your preferred platform (e.g., Survey Monkey®, Question Pro®, SoGoSurvey®).
  2. Send the survey to the members of your Leadership Team with a message providing context and instructions. Clearly state that the survey is anonymous and remember to include details about the timing to complete and discuss the results. 
  3. Once the results are in, schedule a 40-60 minute meeting to discuss them with your team as follows:

10-15 minutes on Challenges and Opportunities (Questions 1-4)
10-15 minutes on Team Performance, Adjustments and Priorities (Questions 5-9)
10-15 minutes on How We Are Doing (Questions 10 and 11)
10-15 minutes to summarize key insights, identify next steps, and plan follow-up activities as appropriate.

Note: You may wish to share the results with the team before the discussion. If desired, you can include links to these related articles as pre-readings:  “Same Storm, Different Boats” and “Coaching Your People Through a Crisis.”